2013-2014 Spotlight Staff

Alizzah Anderson


This is my first time in newspaper, but I love it. This is a place where everyone can express themselves and be themselves. I like drawing, cooking and playing sports. I've done six sports through out my life: gymnastics, cheerleading,... 

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Reem Negash


I'm Reem. I love food. I eat apples every day of my life. I'm a fun loving person who silly and spontaneous. I have a crazy laugh. I don't think I'll go to space...ever....well, maybe. Currently working on deporting Ashton Irwin.

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Cody Harrell


My name is Cody, and I don't like things. Go Wildcats.

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Madison Baker


My name is Madison Baker, and I am a senior! I'm very excited to be starting my first semester in Spotlight, and I hope I see my work on the website and or in the paper. Outside of school, I am a 16 year dancer at my studio and... 

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Michelle McElroy


My name's Michelle! I'm 15 years old, and this is my first semester in Spotlight. I've played volleyball since seventh grade and hope to continue my athletic career through high school and college. I love photography and the my... 

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Anissa Orozco


Hello hello! I just recently joined Spotlight this semester, and I'm learning to become a photographer. Besides avoiding college decisions, I find myself listening to Pandora, watching sci-fi or reading books. I lose plenty of... 

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Yohana Beraki


Hello! My name's Yohana. I'm a senior at Ben Davis and joined Spotlight in January. I'm a photographer, and I joined because I love taking pictures. I love the idea of capturing moments and memories to cherish forever. Being creative... 

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Janelle Baker

Staff writer

I la la love good food. Proud capricorn. New to newspaper. Writer. On a living spree.

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Matthew Brown

Staff writer

Hi, I'm Matthew Brown. I've just jumped into the loop and having fun too. I write both news and entertainment pieces. Something that is interesting is that I believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and other weird hings. My... 

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Isabella Bertoni

Staff writer

I love music, and I love being in show choir. I am 16 years old and plan on attending IU when I graduate high school in 2016. I don't know what I want to study in college just yet. I love to sing and dance. Music is a passion... 

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Taylor Pringle


I'm a current photographer for Spotlight with really cool hair. I work at Cheddar's, and I love writing and taking photos in my free time.

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Savannah Bettis


My name is Savannah, and I have been in Spotlight for the last two years now. I'm a photographer.

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Carlin Underwood


There's nothing that could keep me off of the volleyball court. I enjoy listening to Machine Gun Kelly. Sports photography has really grown on me this year.

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Autumn Miller


My name is Autumn Miller, and I'm a junior. My motto for life is if you're not dead, you're not done.

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Jayden Porter


Hello, my name is Jayden Porter. I am a sophomore at Ben Davis, and I take photographs.

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DeJana Dunn

Staff writer

I'm a senior at Ben Davis High school and a staff writer for Spotlight.

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Lacey McLaughlin


This is my second year in newspaper. Getting involved in school is kind of my thing. My peers and I enjoy the journalism conventions. Learning the little things makes such a huge difference in my everyday life.

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Cambria Sharp


I reach for the moon, but I'm too busy gazing at stars.

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Devon Fisher

Staff writer

I am Devon Fisher. I like long walks on the beach and staring at the starry night. I also enjoy the occasional cry. I review concerts and albums for bands that probably don't even like themselves. I also take pictures of people.... 

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Nicole Tackett

Staff writer

My name is Nicole, and I'm a sophomore this year; it's pretty cool. I'm a writer who tends to procrastinate, but I'm working on it. Other than writing for Spotlight, I spend my free time practicing calligraphy, making art either... 

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David Newman

Staff writer

My name is David Newman. I enjoy long walks on the beach and going to concerts for bands that suck. I also enjoy tanning in the winter and building snowmen in the summer. Based God is my lord and savior. Shrek is love, Shrek is... 

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Tom Hayes


After 20 years of covering sports in the Indianapolis area, I found myself teaching high school journalism in New Castle, Indiana. That was a decade ago. This is my eighth year at Ben Davis, and I love the creativity displayed... 

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Maddie Cook


Though this is my first year in Spotlight, I plan to return my junior and senior year. I'm in publications because I enjoy taking pictures. Aside from being a photographer in newspaper, I am a diver on the schools swim team, and... 

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Joe Ridenour

Business manager

My friend's call me Joe or Joey, and I am the Ben Davis Spotlight business manager. I enjoy the company of my cats KitKat and Ra's al Ghul, who always have my back no matter the opposition or day. I'm working hard to turn myself... 

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Jannette Aguirre

Staff writer

I've been on staff for two years now, and I really like it. I'm a soft spoken person. I love music and tattoos. I come from a Mexican/Honduran family. My little brother is my world. I'm addicted to my phone. Writing is always... 

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Jacob Van Volkenburgh

Staff writer

I'm Jacob Van Volkenburgh, a writer for the Ben Davis Spotlight. I enjoy spending time with family and friends in my free time. I also have an older sister who is in her first year in college. Two of my major hobbies are playing... 

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Tim Leath

Online sports editor

I am the co-online sports editor with Adonis Dix. It is my third year on staff, and I have been covering sports my entire time on staff. I like to play football and put people in trashcans. Now quit stalking me and read someone... 

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Adonis Dix

Online sports editor

I'm Adonis Dix and I'm a senior at Ben Davis and have been apart of Spolight for 3 years now. I have been fortunate enough to be our print sports editor and now Co-online sports editor with Tim Leath and have been writing for... 

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Johanna Lopez


I am an aspiring photographer learning the tips and tricks of capturing a beautiful picture.

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Liwam Beraki

Feature editor

Hello there, my name is Liwam, and I am the feature editor. I have been on staff since sophomore year. I’m from L.A. and moved to Indiana when I was six. Oh, and I’m not Indian, I promise. My parents are from Eritrea, which... 

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Gabby Coleman

Sports editor

Hello everyone, my name is Gabby, and I am a senior at Ben Davis. I switched from Pike High School to Ben Davis in January 2013, and after being in Spotlight for one semester, I am now the sports editor of the print edition. I... 

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Tiffani Lang


I really enjoy taking pictures. Elephants are my favorite animal. I'm very outgoing and easy to talk to. I play the clarinet in the marching band.

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Emily Rasmussen

Staff writer

My name is Emily Rasmussen, and I am a sophomore and first-year staff writer for Spotlight. I am also a few other things, including a reader who can fall in love with any kind of book, a lover of sweater weather who wears scarves... 

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Deon Thomas

Staff writer

The first time I stepped into the student publications room, I was amazed by all of the newspapers and all of the stories in them. I decided to join the team my second semester of my sophmore year as a sports writer. In the past... 

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Tre Redeemar


Hi, I'm Tre Redeemar... I hate it, but I love it. I am a junior and a first year photographer. I love sports photography, especially football; yet, I don't get football at all. I'm in show choir, and I love music. I'm obsessed... 

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Grace Ishikawa


So this one time at band camp... just kidding! Bonjour tout le monde! I am a proud band geek, co-photo editor, and I love French. Yes, my last name is awesome, I know. I am 25% Japanese. I absolutely love photography and being... 

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Nakiyah Kilpatrick


I am Nakiyah Kilpatrick, and this is my first year at Ben Davis. I have a strong passion for music and photography. One word that describes me is clumsy. I enjoy hanging around people that make me laugh. My favorite cartoon character... 

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Thomas Bibbs

Staff writer

Hey guys, my name is Thomas, and I'm a returning member of the school newspaper. I want to start by saying that show choir is equivalent to life. Second, I love being a part of a group of people who share my same interest and... 

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Adrian Carter


I am a junior and first year editor. I'm taking newspaper because I want to be an professional photographer as a career choice, so taking newspaper as a photographer is great practice. I am not very social, but I try to talk to... 

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Dionte Coleman

Staff writer

I'm Dionte Coleman, also known as "Blacky." I'm mainly a sports writer. I like food and sports. The end.

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Claire Smith


My name is Claire, and I'm 15 years old. This is my first year on the school newspaper. I have cheered my whole life, but this year, I switched it up a little, and I was a volleyball manager and am currently a wrestling manager.... 

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William Cole

Staff writer

Hello to everyone whom may be viewing this profile. My name is Will Cole, and I am a cartoonist/artist and partial writer on the Spotlight team. Most people think I'm bashful, and they'd be right, but I'm selectively bashful.... 

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Kierra Hall

Staff writer

Hey there! My name is Kierra Chantell Hall which means "Black Stonewall Hall" in Celtic and French. I'm a senior, staff writer for Spotlight and academic editor for the Keyhole yearbook. I love Prince, chocolate and anything purple.... 

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Celia Ochoa

Staff writer

Hello, my name is Celia Ochoa, and I am currently a senior. I enjoy writing and taking photographs for Spotlight. I tend to be soft spoken, but I'm very self-driven towards academics, meeting new people and learning about new... 

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Brittany Baker

Staff writer

I am a seventeen year old fashionista from Kentucky. I am in my junior year, and I am a fairly new addition to the writing staff this year. When I'm not busy diligently writing an article, I'm either dancing ,singing, acting or... 

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Ally Johnson

Staff writer

I am a sophomore at Ben Davis. This is my first year on staff. I first gained a love for writing in junior high. In my free time, I enjoy reading, creative writing, watching movies, and drawing. Above all, I am thankful for my... 

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Atzy Nunez

Staff writer

Hey, I'm Atzy. I am sophomore, and I enjoy writing and playing the violin. I can speak English and Spanish, and I'm learning French and Korean. It's my first semester being part of Spotlight and so far, I am having lots of fun... 

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Anica Gross

Online editor

Hello there, I'm Anica! Yes, I'm aware that I have a weird name, but it fits me. I literally started from the bottom my sophomore year (staff writer) and slowly made my way to copy editor and then ONLINE EDITOR! Twizzlers are... 

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Kristin Crouch

Staff writer

My name’s Kristin, this is my first year as a staff writer for Spotlight. Writing is a passion of mine, and I am inspired by everything around me. I am obsessed with music; my playlist has artists from Brad Paisley to Katy Perry... 

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Aaron Smith

Staff writer

Hi to whoever is reading this. My name is Aaron. I'm a junior, and this is my second year of being in Spotlight. I like to learn about different languages and various cultures. I know alot about Gods and their myths in different... 

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Monica Guzman

Entertainment editor

My name is Monica, and I am the entertainment editor. I enjoy photoshopping my face next to famous people, especially Harry Styles. Shout out to One Direction for ruining my life! I enjoy sleeping and crying over cute boys. When... 

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Ashley Shuler


My name is Ashley Shuler, and I'm a senior here at Ben Davis High School. I came across journalism my freshman year on WNGC, and I've been on staff since my sophomore year. I've moved up the ranks from staff writer to managing... 

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Dayo Coleman

Staff writer

My name is Dayo. Yes, D-A-Y-O. I still don't know the full story behind my name, but I like that element of mystery. I'm a huge fan of the works of David Fincher and his crazy, artistic mind, and I am a lover of the AMC show Mad... 

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Jannette Aguirre

Staff writer

I'm a second year staff writer. I was born in Chicago and come from a Mexican and Honduran family. I like having fun with my friends. I'm obsessed with music and tattoos .I have three tattoos and still planning on getting more.... 

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Sonia Valdez

Opinions editor

My name is Sonia Valdez , know by my peers in newspaper as The Bunny Killer, and am currently a senior. I am the opinions editor as well as a staff writer. In my free time I enjoy reading, doing Zumba and feeding my rabbit (which... 

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Breanna Cooper

Staff writer

I started writing in elementary school, and I haven't stopped since. If I'm not reading or writing, I'm probably watching CSI re-runs. I'm a huge fan of politics, spending time with my family and friends and using Twitter. After... 

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Taylor Grace


My name's Taylor. I'm a junior here at Ben Davis. Taking pictures is something I have a passion for. Other things that I am passionate about include animals, Tumblr and Ed Sheeran.. .but mostly Ed Sheeran.

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